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 You've always wanted to chronicle your own compelling life story in the pages of a book for family, friends and future generations.  Today is the day to begin turning your vision into reality!
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From Concept to Completion, Susan the Scribe, Inc. will create, compile, edit, print and publish a high quality book that will bring your legacy to life!  A "turn-key" writer and publisher from the first interview to your book in hand, Susan is unique in the industry.  By adding her heart and soul to the process of compiling your remembrances, she writes the words that convey your feelings as well as your experiences.
An excerpt from Hummingbirds & Hard Hats, The Ingrid Reeves Circle of Love Story:
    The Hummingbird flew frantically in search of the sky, its tiny wings whirring as it repeatedly slammed into the hard surface of the thirty foot ceiling instead.  Helplessly, Ingrid watched the tiny bird, her attention divided between the lecturer in the glass-enclosed room and the life and death struggle ensuing above.
     "We were in a gorgeous lecture room on the fifth floor of the Blue Spirit Resort in Costa Rica," recalls Ingrid.  Surrounded by lush tropical forest on all sides, the glassed-in room had a magical indoor-outdoor eye-tricking atmosphere that most assuredly had lured the little hummingbird to its horrid dilemma.
     For nearly two hours, the beautiful bird beat its wings against the ceiling, and then, it gave up the battle and fell thirty feet to the floor.  Running to the limp, lifeless little body, Ingrid crouched down and gently cupped her hands around the hummingbird.  As she talked softly, urging it to live, live, live ... she breathed warm, life-giving energy into her cupped hands.  Within seconds, the lecturer, Colette Baron-Reid, was down on the floor next to Ingrid, talking, talking to the bird.  "We love you, we love you ... we're giving you energy ... all you need is to get your energy back!"  Both of them saw the slight fluttering movement of the hummingbird.  The breath caught in their throats as Colette pushed the tiny bird up closer into Ingrid's hands.
     "It lay there, very still in my cupped hands, and I could feel its warmth and life flowing through it," recalls Ingrid.  "I walked out to the glass slider that was open and held my hands far out, felt its wings flutter and then it flew away!"
     A cheer went up from those in the lecture room who had witnessed the dramatic rescue.
     "The cheering surprised me," said Ingrid.  "I had forgotten anyone else was there.  I was the hummingbird."
     Indeed, Ingrid suddenly knew that she and hummingbird were one.  At age eight, Ingrid, like the hummingbird, was beaten down by forces beyond her control.  Like the hummingbird, she finally gave up and fell, exhausted, from a height of thirty feet.  And, like the hummingbird, despite hurts and challenges, she has received new energy to spread her wings  and share her beautiful spirit with the world.
Expanded Services now include several exciting new concepts including Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Memorial Tribute Booklets, and Business Biographies. Susan is available for speaking engagements to your book clubs, civic organizations, memoir groups, etc. You have come to the right site, also, for the finest, most succinct and reader-friendly freelance writing anywhere!
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