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*  Free Consultation to determine scope, timeline and fees
    (Proposed Outline Included with initial interview)
 * Full length (15 to 20 Chapters) to Mini Biographies(4 to 6 Chapters)
 * Ghostwriting/Full length or Mini Biography                         
Wedding Memory Booklets ... A Perfect Gift for your Guests!
Does the Groom's family know the Bride's family?  Who are all of those relatives and friends across the aisle?  Here's the inside scoop!
Booklet may include:
*  Personal Background of Bride & Groom
* Relationship of Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Guests to Bride & Groom
* Brief Family Histories/Anecdotes/Traditions ... even special Recipes!
* Photos – Past and Present
Anniversary Tribute Book                                                       
What could be more touching than a beautifully bound memory book for your parents, or your spouse on the anniversary of a long and blessed marriage?  Whether it's your Silver, Gold or Diamond Anniversary Celebration ... a Family Cruise ... or a quiet romantic getaway ... your love can be celebrated again and again with this anniversary book!
May include:
* Special memories, children, holidays,trips, poems, etc. 
* Photos – Past and Present
Birthday Biography
Whether your loved one is turning 16, 21, 100, or any of the birthday milestones in between, a colorfully bound and printed Birthday Biography is the perfect, unique gift! 
May include: 
* Family history, childhood memories, school days, holidays, letters,  
   poems, drawings, tributes from family members
*  Photos - past and present.
Memorial Book of Life
Tribute should be paid to a life well-lived, and here is your opportunity to remember those special moments with your loved one that may someday fade with the passage of time. Long after the Memorial Service, this Memorial Book of Life will live on.
May include:
*Family history, childhood memories, school days,holidays, all of the
  momentous occasions of a life
Family Business Biography
How did your business begin?  Who were the key people back in the day?  How have things changed from then to now?  The History on your
website is just the tip of the iceburg.  People want to know and emulate the story of your successful company and how your family brought it so far.  This is a historic and unique marketing tool!
Full length, Mini or Coffee Table Book Available.
Visibility leads to Credibility leads to Profitability! 
May include: 
* Photos - past and present
* Business Tips/Family bios/customer testimonies
* Anecdotes, Awards, Challenges Overcome and Triumphs Achieved!
Journal/Magazine/Newspaper Articles            
Press Releases                                                                                                
Personal Essays                                                                                              
Website Content Creation/Copywriting                                                         
Brochures & Fliers                                                                                         
Sales Letters and Emails                                                                                  
Print Ads/Advertorials                                                                                     
Feasibility Studies                                                                                        
Annual Reports                                                                                               
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