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Biographer Susan D. Brandenburg is excellent.  She has the ability to give full meaning to the words when spoken, which shows an added degree of intelligence that not everybody has.  She helps create text that is a movable feast.                        W. Scott McLucas
                                                            One World Foundation, Inc.
                                                             LUCKY LIFE
                                                            Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Susan’s skills were finely honed to perfection after years of freelance writing.  Her writings can be found in newspapers, periodicals and more lately in biographies such as Carlton Spence’s GUTS, Doc Granger’s SHARECROPPER’S SON, and the latest, HUMMINGBIRDS AND HARD HATS, The Ingrid Reeves Circle of Love Story.  These are wonderfully written biographies by Susan D. Brandenburg.  Susan can take your life story from conception to completion.  It is so good to deal with one dedicated and uniquely qualified individual.
                      Major Joseph C. Bracewell, USAF Retired
                     THESE THINGS DID HAPPEN
                         Jacksonville, FL
Susan is just so much more than a biographer. She became an important part of my life while writing my book.  I live in California and she lives in Florida; we didn’t meet face to face until Chapter 12!  We talked for hours each week on the phone (I don’t use a computer at all) and when she would call and read me what she’d written, I was blown away! It felt like she had been with me all along – like she had taken my journey of life right by my side from the time I was a little girl.  It was amazing how she got it, and put it into the exact right words!  Susan was with me in the past.  She’s with me in the present, and I know she’ll be with me in the future as one of my dearest friends.  Her love shows in her words, and she weaves a beautiful tapestry of life.  She writes from her heart and soul.          
                           Ingrid Reeves
                          Hummingbirds & Hard Hats 
                         Homeland, CA
Susan Brandenburg has been a friend for many years.  She has been a writer all her life and that has been her calling through all her struggles and triumphs to get where she is today.  I cannot think of a person with more heart, compassion, kindness, or plain zest for life.  She always helps me look at things differently and to look for the story in everyone I meet.  Everything I have read of hers from short articles in a local rag to her biographies amaze me with her insight, empathy, and professionalism.  I cannot think of anyone more gifted to help others tell their own stories.                              Rose Salinas, Washington DC
Susan is a special person and a wonderful writer. She loves people and her writing is an expression of this love. 
            Jon Gordon, best-selling author of The Energy Bus
                                                   Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
It has been my pleasure to know Susan D. Brandenburg as a journalist, publicist, publisher and an award winning biographer. When Susan was a freelance writer for several newspapers and magazines I always said from the very first time I read her articles that “Susan was more than a journalist, she was the composer of a symphony of the very soul of the human condition.” Susan, over the years, has edited my books and written articles about my work as a published author and a literary educator. For this I am most grateful. Not only is the art world better for her professional dedication but for her incredible gifts as a “Woman of Letters.”
          Jan Atchley Bevan, President, National League of American Pen Women,
           Jacksonville Branch, 2010 - Present
    Author in Residence – 2000-2008, Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens  
My relationship with Susan through the many years has been one of trust, respect and admiration.  She has achieved her desire to be an accomplished writer, and that goes hand in hand with the wonderful person she has always been.  Her ability to portray and reveal the varied emotions in life's daily occurrences is her gift.  Susan's stories in the newspaper columns are made more enjoyable because of her talent to get to the heart of the event and then display it. I have enjoyed all her books and look forward to reading and placing the next one and the next one and the next one on my library shelf.                             Martha Rothenberg
                                                                  Jacksonville, FL        
After searching for an author for my book for over two years, at the strong recommendation of a close friend, I chose Susan D. Brandenburg as the author for my book, Sharecropper’s Son, and couldn’t be more pleased.  She was able to take my memories and thoughts and bring them to life.  I would strongly recommend Susan to anyone who is considering her as the author for their book.
                                    Doc Garland Granger
                                    SHARECROPPER'S SON
                                    Jacksonville, FL
Dear Susan,
It was my lucky day!  When I asked you to consider writing my biography I envisioned a rather simple presentation in order that my future family could have an idea of living years ago.  Your presentation of my life in the book "GUTS" far exceeded my expectations as a reading for my heirs and caused me to print hundreds of extra copies for friends and business acquaintances.  It was good to have made an investment that will pay dividends after my demise and the IRS won't even know.
Carlton H. Spence
Susan D. Brandenburg's command of the English language is excellent. Time and time again Susan creates real life 3-d images with the right chosen words. Susan's ability to characterize  and organize her writings is superb.
                                                                  Hank Bonar
Susan Brandenburg has written a beautiful biography of my late daughter, Casey Carter Bonar.  She captured my daughter's spirit, her love of life and her wonderful, kind personality.  She was very special to me and to a lot of other people.  Although Susan had never met Casey, she truly has written a book that IS my Casey!  Everyone in our family,  and all of the friends interviewed  grew to love Susan.  Susan and I will be friends for life and that is the highest recommendation that I can give. 
                                       Kay Carter Lynch
I first hired Susan about twelve years ago to help me put together an extensive Project Showcase Portfolio book for my company.  I needed someone with the insight, imagination, writing and storytelling skills to match my creative visions; Susan more than filled that need.  She rose to every challenge with exciting prose that enhanced my images, as well as inspiring and complimenting my creative team and clients worldwide.  Her turnaround is always quick and flawless. I still call on her when I need perfect prose in a hurry, and even though she's become a "big-time biographer," she still comes through when I call.  Susan D. Brandenburg is a good friend and a fabulous writer. 
                                   John R. Oldham, President
                                  Attraction & Entertainment Solutions
                                  Jacksonville, FL
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